A  14 mile day with a few milestones!!

...And the beginning of the Long Trail!

Mile Marker 1,600 and 350  miles in so far this year!

Couple of

tree huggers!

Right out of the gate we did some boulder scrambling! But MacGyver scrambled up them like a billy goat!

But look at some of the other views MacGyver is taking in.

Forgot to mention that  once we entered Vermont we also entered the Green Mountains which travels about 250 miles  from the border with Massachusetts to the border with Quebec, Canada.

15 mile day in 8 hours. 

Rumor has it that the Glastenbury Mountain section of the AT/Long Trail is Haunted??

....but a friendly, and thirsty,  ghost :)

"Short"  12 mile 

Trying to dry out some cloths waiting out a storm in my tent.

A couple of milestones over the next couple of days with quite a swing in weather....great views...and then rain....

A short NERO day of 4 miles to Manchester, VT for re-supply but stil saw some cool sites.  Manchester is a rather boutiqish town. Take a look at the "PLACES" page for some interesting pics.

Left Pinnacle Lodge and put in a 15+ mile day of board walking, rock climbing thru some wilderness areas and an interesting hike up a ski slope to the top of Bromley Mountain.

A short 9 mile hike to Happy Hill Shelter. Check out pics of this shelter on my "Places" page. Was a great last night on the trail......

We are wayyyyy to close to finishing to slow down!!

Couldn't resist taking a pic of this sign :)

Well.... Day 40, September 24th.....We Did It!! Made it to Hanover, New Hampshire. Mile 1,752 AND 500 miles  this year!!!!!

Crossing the Connecticut River into the next-to-last state on the AT!

On my Blogs I normally put pics and commentary of people we meet on a separate page...but for our TRAIL ANGELS OF THE YEAR for MacGyver and I, we wanted to highlight...and thank them.... here. 

As we were deciding how to get to a hotel near the local airport we stopped at a Starbucks in Hanover. As we were discussing options, a table of people next to us overheard our dilemma.

As it turned out it was a lady and her 2 teenage kids.

This is Kristen,  Mavis and Leo. We chatted at great length about MacGyver and my adventure and come to find out they all were outdoor enthusists....and volunteered to drive us to the hotel. Complete strangers when we met but memorable trail friends from now on.


15 miles again on September 17th, day 33, with some really cool views...and strange ones also.

Very cool ground moss along the trail.

MacGyver discovers a massive White Rock Stone Carins. Not sure if it is a native burial ground or a landing pad for aliens! But who ever it is...they have heart :)

September 18, day 34 was a 14 mile day slugging out some rock climbs and meeting some friendly animal faces.

Cattle Conga Line!

500 miles you think I am excited??!

First time setting up on a wood the rain. Took a bit to figure it out with our non-free standing tents...but MacGyver came thru again. But staying on top of Killington Peak in bad weather probably wasn't the smartest move!

Although we did find some welcomed trail magic today!

Short 9 mile day to Killington and decided to take an unscheduled Zero tomorrow due to storms coming in. but still hit another milestone!

....And 450 miles so far this year!

Great day to hike...and we certainly did. 17+ miles over 8 1/2 hours and headed to Winturri Shelter

Still more boardwalks in VT

A well placed ladder to let MacGyver and I maneuver down some boulders.....and finally in Moose Territory!

Day 38's 12 miles was rainy a good portion of the day but it did clear up for period to show some nice views.....but when it did rain, MacGyver had an idea to make a rain kilt out of a piece of Tyvek...and it worked great!

....and taking some time to dry out our hiking shoes