There were some great pictures we took but some times, pictures just don't capture the true visual and the moment like a video can. And luckily MacGyver brought his GoPro camera and captured some unbelievable footage. A few of the video snipets I already embedded in some of the pages but to make it easier to review and find them, I have created a page just for Videos :).... I just created this so it is a work-in-process.  More videos to come soon!!...also keep in mind that these were taken with a GoPro while hiking so some of the footage can be a bit shaky (like the Blair Witch Project movie :). But heck, I can barely walk and chew gum at the same time. MacGyver was hiking over rocks, boulders, logs, roots, in the rain up and down the hills...AND chewing gum...all while filming!! He should start a new career as a cameraman for a Sylvester Stallone action movie!

This was one of the first summits we were on (Match Patch).

Which way to go? Survivor is checking his compass! And MacGyver is relying on his trekking poles to lead the way!

Beautiful panoramic view!

Hiking across a series of Balds in the rain...with an ominous storm coming our way.

MacGyver deep in thought contemplating life....or thinking about what he is going to have for dinner. Mash potatoes and summer sausage!! Yummmm:)

More beautiful views. But why is Survivor always checking his phone?? GPS of the make sure we are still on the trail :)

Roan Mountain hostel where we took a zero day.

Great drinking water source!

Quite a long and treacherous descent..on a lot of rocks!

Another rocky and tricky ascent....with a river on our left for good measure!

FINALLY some flat land to walk on! (it was short live though...)

This was a crowded camp site/shelter. No more reservations available (MacGyver and I got the last 2!). And this was the shelter where a large black snake took up residence in the rafters of the privy. Now that was certainly didn't dawdle while doing their "business".

Thumbs Up on another 360 degree view.

So close but so far away.....we crossed anyway!

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27.09 | 17:20

Hi Possum! MacGyver and I finished up on Sept.7th with 351 miles in this year. False alarm on MacGyver taking ill. He was dehydrated but recovered in about 2 days. Was great to meet you this year!

27.09 | 17:16

Hey Pinnacle! Great to meet and hike with you also! And great advice on the next section we did. Thanks!

06.09 | 16:10

Great meeting you and your Brother at Eagles nest.

06.09 | 16:07

It was great meeting you and brother at Eagles nest

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