So many stories to tell, pictures to show and memories to share from this trip but this blog doesn't really give it all justice but i at least hope it gave everyone that had a chance to look at this blog , a small glimpse of our hike. I learned a lot about nature, people, my brother, life in general and myself during these 19 days. Were there times when I wondered if I would finish....yes...but failure was not an option because just by trying, doing and starting in the first place is a success in my mind. Will I do this again....yes I will (and I hope MacGyver joins well as others interested in an AT adventure). 

I really want to thank my daughter Angela for being my Executive Producer on updating the blog. She has much more experience than I and was a life saver on working out some of the bugs of the software. Thank you much and love you J!!

And so many thanks for all the family and friends that supported us on this endeavor. All of your prayers and thoughts helped guide us thru the miles.

And a very special love felt tribute to my wife Sandy. Without her unwavering support before, during and after this trip, this would not have happened. But more than that, it has been her love, care and support for the past 42 blissful years that has been the most important thing in my life...with or without any crazy adventures I may dream up! I love you Sandy.......



22.07.2018 14:17

You and mom are lucky to have each other’s love and support no matter what!

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27.09 | 17:20

Hi Possum! MacGyver and I finished up on Sept.7th with 351 miles in this year. False alarm on MacGyver taking ill. He was dehydrated but recovered in about 2 days. Was great to meet you this year!

27.09 | 17:16

Hey Pinnacle! Great to meet and hike with you also! And great advice on the next section we did. Thanks!

06.09 | 16:10

Great meeting you and your Brother at Eagles nest.

06.09 | 16:07

It was great meeting you and brother at Eagles nest

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