MacGyver and Survivor on the AT is the start of another BIG Appalachian Trail adventure for MacGyver and Survivor! We are starting where we left off last year near the TN and NC border off of the I-40 expressway. And our premium shuttle driver (Sandy) drops us off exactly where we wanted to be. Stay tuned for more pictures and commentary on our adventure!!

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27.09 | 17:20

Hi Possum! MacGyver and I finished up on Sept.7th with 351 miles in this year. False alarm on MacGyver taking ill. He was dehydrated but recovered in about 2 days. Was great to meet you this year!

27.09 | 17:16

Hey Pinnacle! Great to meet and hike with you also! And great advice on the next section we did. Thanks!

06.09 | 16:10

Great meeting you and your Brother at Eagles nest.

06.09 | 16:07

It was great meeting you and brother at Eagles nest

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