Why are we long distance hiking the AT?

"Bonding with my brother MacGyver, day in and day out, 24/7; challenging and experiencing the wonders of the trail; overcoming the ever changing elements; embracing the suck and the magnificence of the journey; AND watching each other’s back at all times…..Priceless….. and What A Privilege And An Honor!"

2021 on the AT is now in the books! So let me summarize:

351 miles over 28 days, Starting at Simmons Gap in the Shenndoahs, mile marker 900, ending at mile marker 1,252 near Bake Oven Knob in Northern Pennsylvania (about 44 miles south of the New Jersey border). Which puts us just shy of 60% completed on the AT. And our goal is to complete the entire AT in 3 more years (or less 😊).

A big shout out to family and friends that were there with and for us in spirit and motivation....but a HUGH THANK YOU with love to my wife Sandy and MacGyer's wife Ginger for the seamless supply chain of food boxes they sent us.....but mostly for there unwavering support, love and encouragement throughout our hike (all of our hikes). No person can successfully achieve these type of goals without the total backing of the ones they love and the ones that love them......

So, what does every serious LASHer start doing after they finish? Start planning for 2022! And we have a few options we are contemplating:

1.) Start where we left off at Bake Oven Knob and hike NOBO (to the Massachusetts/Vermont border?)

2.) Because we are getting “slightly” older…..flip up to Mt. Katahdin and hike SOBO to the southern Maine/New Hampshire border. We have heard that Maine is the toughest state to hike on the AT.

3.) Start at the southern Maine/New Hampshire border and hike NOBO to Katahdin.

What do you all think? If you have an opinion, drop me a line thru email or text.

We really hope you all have enjoyed following MacGyver and my “Bucket-List-Of-Adventures” so in the meantime…….

“Fill Your Life with Adventures, Not Things. Have Stories to Tell Not Stuff to Show”

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27.09 | 17:20

Hi Possum! MacGyver and I finished up on Sept.7th with 351 miles in this year. False alarm on MacGyver taking ill. He was dehydrated but recovered in about 2 days. Was great to meet you this year!

27.09 | 17:16

Hey Pinnacle! Great to meet and hike with you also! And great advice on the next section we did. Thanks!

06.09 | 16:10

Great meeting you and your Brother at Eagles nest.

06.09 | 16:07

It was great meeting you and brother at Eagles nest

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