Muir Woods National Forest reminded me a bit of the "Hunger Games". I think we may have even seen Katniss, Peeta and Haymitch!!

Rambo? wait....thats' Mike!
Rambo? wait....thats' Mike!

In this album you’ll find a collection of some of our best photos. We hope you enjoy them!

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27.09 | 17:20

Hi Possum! MacGyver and I finished up on Sept.7th with 351 miles in this year. False alarm on MacGyver taking ill. He was dehydrated but recovered in about 2 days. Was great to meet you this year!

27.09 | 17:16

Hey Pinnacle! Great to meet and hike with you also! And great advice on the next section we did. Thanks!

06.09 | 16:10

Great meeting you and your Brother at Eagles nest.

06.09 | 16:07

It was great meeting you and brother at Eagles nest

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